"The photographic art work of Ulrik Gliese is fantastic. His attention to detail in nature is what draws the viewer in. He can make the simplistic into grandeur. As having been a patron of his art for many years, I'm always excited in seeing his most recent work."

Jeffrey B. Doll, San Jose, Califonia
July 2004

"Ulrik Gliese's photography has a way of elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary. This is particularly well exemplified by the 'Ouroboros' work where Nature becomes Supernature, or - perhaps more appropriately - Supernatural. A striking series of images that capture and mirror the cycle of life - and death - through the media of tree and wood."

Cathal Mahon, Copenhagen, Denmark
June 2004

"We've followed Ulrik's photography career since 1993. In the mid nineties we welcomed his images to our home. These images fulfill us with shapes, colors, and depth that stirs ones emotions and visually enriches our lives. We welcome the opportunity to experience Ulrik's lastest creation. Ulrik has a keen eye for seeing depth and beauty in our everyday surroundings."

Mary Fishell, San Jose, Califonia
July 2004

"I own one of Gliese's pictures. I was immediately puzzled and obsessively captivated at an exhibition by the richness and balance of figure, colour and composition that arose from just looking at nature in another way, without intruding. Things become what Gliese makes them appear, in the way that he just captivates them with respect. If you like Zen-Budhism, or Japanese decorative art or have used a microscope or seek a surprise of mind in the details hidden behind the apparently banale everyday of a walk in the woods, have a look. If you don't, have a look too. It has made me richer."

Juan Farré, Copenhagen, Denmark
June 2004

"Ulrik Gliese is an artist, who has a lot on his mind regarding photography, and probably also other subjects in life, in a positive sense. It was an interesting and inspirational interview. It definitely shows you an artist with many valuable and exotic views: a lot of pearls to share. One gets a feeling of the beautiful and exotic from his images, they even beautify mortality I dare say. In short, his images are amazing. The common interpretation of his images is that, they are all about life, good or bad, beginning or end. They are very powerful."

Anita Lind Mikkelsen, Boston, Massachusetts
January 2003